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The Revolutions and Repercussions of the Semiconductor Industry (Podcast Season 2, Episode 10)

In this episode of Advantest Talks Semi we demystify the complex interplay of semiconductors and the automotive sector. Buckle up as we navigate this intricate landscape with Malcolm Penn, the CEO of Future Horizons. 

From deep-diving into the cyclical nature of the semiconductor industry to early signs of industry recovery, Malcolm illuminates the market’s recent movements. He spotlights the explosive growth of China’s EV market and its strategic grip on the low-end market – a move that’s not to be underestimated by the established auto industries globally. 

In the second half, Malcolm walks us through the intersection of the EV market and the rising demand for advanced semiconductors. We examine the reverberating effects of sanctions on the industry while underlining the growing importance of decentralized computing. 

Toward the end of this podcast, catch Malcolm’s take on the current OpenAI media buzz and how AI chipsets are leaving an indelible impression on memory. We wrap the discussion with a look at how Avantest is riding the wave of innovation with its open solutions ecosystem Advantest ACS. 

Download this episode now for your deep dive into the dynamic world of semiconductors.

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Advantest Talks Semi: Harness AI power for yield, quality and reliability

Today’s semiconductor manufacturing landscape is riddled with escalating complexity, contracting process nodes, and amplified demands for rigorous quality control. These challenges have a profound impact on cost and time-to-market.  

 To confront these issues head-on, Advantest, proteanTecs, and PDF Solutions have formed a strategic alliance. Not only is this collaboration geared towards mitigating current challenges, but it is also strategically positioned to future-proof the semiconductor manufacturing process.   

 In this installment of the “Advantest Talks Semi” podcast, we discuss how this alliance enhances manufacturing processes, ensuring superior quality, increased reliability, and better yields. All of these efforts are directed towards achieving reduced costs and expedited time-to-market.

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Navigating the Semiconductor Slowdown: Insights on the Industry in 2023

Get the inside scoop on the slowdown in the semiconductor industry and what to expect in 2023 with our distinguished guest, Malcolm Penn, CEO of Future Horizons, and one of the most experienced experts in the semiconductor industry.

In this episode of Advantest Talks Semi, we dive into the forecasted contraction of the semiconductor industry, the impact of Covid-19 and the shift toward electric vehicles. We talk about the forecast for the memory market and the investments being made in the name of national security. 

We will answer the question of why the memory market will give an indication of the overall market’s recovery—a market whose decline is expected to be double-digit. Questions about Europe and China will be answered as you listen in. 

Tune in to our latest episode of Advantest Talks Semi to stay ahead of the game in the ever-evolving world of semiconductors.


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More than Moore or More Moore?

What’s Next in the Future of High-Performance Computing? In this episode, experts will discuss the plans for the coming era of computing and will reveal how the semiconductor industry is continuously evolving to address the looming high performance compute challenges — moving us beyond Moore’s Law. Listen in as John Shalf, Department Head for Computer Science at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and former deputy director of Hardware Technology for the Department of Energy Exascale Computing Project, helps us uncover how the semiconductor industry will revolutionize HPC over the next decade.

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Advantest Joins European GaN4AP Consortium to Promote Pervasive Use of Gallium Nitride in Power Conversion Systems

Advantest Europe GmbH recently joined the European Union (EU)-sponsored consortium Gallium Nitride for Advanced Power Applications (GaN4AP). Launched in December 2021, the three-year project is focused on making GaN technology one of the main components in a broad spectrum of power converter systems. GaN-based electronics have the potential to enable drastic reductions in energy loss for electronics systems while ensuring high-frequency and higher-power-density operation. Developing new power supply devices and circuits using GaN-based electronics is viewed as crucial for the global competitiveness of EU industries.

GaN4AP comprises a diverse group of private companies, universities, and public research institutes working in the field of GaN materials, devices, and related applications. Advantest joined the consortium through engagement with key customers seeking to test GaN-based electronics in mass production. Participating expands our access to GaN technology, as well as our competitiveness in testing power semiconductors.

As the GaN4AP project’s lead ATE provider, Advantest will work to further address the testing demands of various markets leveraging power semiconductors that stand to realize significantly improved performance from the pervasive use of GaN, without sacrificing system size and cost. Examples include power transmission and distribution, consumer electronics, renewable energy, automotive, and other industrial applications.

“Advantest has been testing advanced compound semiconductors, including GaN devices, for some time,” said Michael Stichlmair, managing director, Advantest Europe. “Joining this exciting project is a logical next step in our efforts to continuously drive test innovation, allowing us to access new markets while contributing to broader use of GaN technology.”

To learn more about the GaN4AP project, click here.

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Advantest’s Hadatomo™ Z Photoacoustic Microscope Wins Laser Industry Encouragement Award

Advantest’s Hadatomo™ Z photoacoustic microscope received a Laser Industry Encouragement Award at the 13th Industry Awards sponsored by the Laser Society of Japan.

The Laser Society of Japan Industry Awards recognize “excellent achievements contributing to the development of the domestic laser-related industry in the practical application, and the dissemination of laser-related products and technologies,” according to the Society. Among several award categories, Encouragement Awards are given to products with notable potential for future market development.

Advantest’s Hadatomo™ Z simultaneously images the oxygen saturation of blood vessels with dual-wavelength photoacoustic technology, and dermal structure including skin texture, pores, and sebaceous glands with ultrasound. Accurately imaging vascular mechanisms up to a depth of 3 mm in the dermis makes it possible to observe vasodilation and blood circulation stimulation in near-real time. An optional dual-wavelength laser that can distinguish between melanin and blood vessels is also available. Currently, the product’s main applications are cosmetology and dermatological research, but its selection for the Encouragement Award underlines its future potential as a medical device. At the present time, the product is a scientific instrument, not an approved medical device.

This award reinforces Advantest’s commitment to developing the company’s photoacoustic technology further, so that the Hadatomo™ Z can contribute to the treatment and prevention of skin diseases.

The 13th Industry Awards of The Laser Society of Japan for fiscal year 2021



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