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Posted by on Sep 11, 2019 in Featured Products |

New End-to-End Test Solutions for 5G, Automotive and IoT

Advantest’s new MPT3000ARC is the industry’s first test platform to combine thermal-control capability with high throughput, enabling extreme thermal testing of solid-state drives (SSDs).   Adding this new system to the MPT3000 product family, which is already in wide use by SSD manufacturers, Advantest is supporting SSD testing from design to manufacturing, providing the fastest, lowest risk path to market for next-generation devices, including PCIe Gen 4. In addition to meeting automotive thermal test standards, the new tester’s automation-ready thermal chamber enables SSD manufacturers to quickly ramp temperatures, which optimizes Reliability Demonstration Test (RDT) and results in faster time to market.  With the addition of the MPT3000ARC, the MPT3000 series enables rapid changeover to provide a single-system test solution for a wide variety of SSD products, from 40-mm M.2 memories to larger EDSFF devices.

The MPT3000ARC’s unmatched resourcefulness is a key advantage in the continually shifting and developing SSD market, designed to enable mission-critical testing across a broad range of SSD form factors and protocols. The single-system solution allows SSD manufacturers to easily evolve from testing PCIe Gen 3 devices to Gen 4 devices by simply changing a board and downloading firmware. This new tester provides the fastest path to bring PCIe Gen 4 SSDs to market while also minimizing risks, reducing test development time and accelerating new product validation, debugging and production tests.

The continuing growth projected for the solid-state drive (SSD) market requires device manufacturers to find a highly flexible test solution capable of supporting their expanding product portfolios at a low cost of test. Advantest’s new MPT3000ARC s tester is designed with the full spectrum of capabilities to handle all SSDs, including not only the most advanced PCIe Gen 4 memories, but also the highest performing enterprise drives and the most cost-effective client devices used throughout mass-market connected devices, from smart cars to wearable electronics.

With an increasing number of SSDs being used in rugged thermal environments, these memory devices must be proven to withstand harsh conditions. The MPT3000ARC features an innovative thermal chamber that allows it to operate over a broad range of temperatures, satisfying automotive and industrial thermal-testing standards. This makes the tester ideally suited for reliability demonstration testing (RDT) for the rapidly multiplying array of applications.

The MPT3000ARC applies the same proven architecture, software and performance already in wide use by SSD manufacturers worldwide. Its production-compatible ergonomics and automation-friendly chamber access make it suitable for high-volume SSD testing.

By using changeable and customizable interface boards, this tester has the versatility to handle virtually all SSD form factors, from 40-mm M.2 memories to larger EDSFF devices. The system’s design enables quick and easy switching of interface boards, enabling rapid changeover to support a wide variety of SSD products on a single system.

As the newest member of Advantest’s MPT3000 product family, the MPT3000ARC is fully integrated. Its efficiency and performance are optimized by leveraging the same tester-per-DUT architecture, site modules, power supplies and hardware acceleration as all other systems in the MPT3000 series.

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