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2024-2025 Semiconductor Industry Outlook with TechInsights (Podcast Season 2, Episode 12)

Prepare to be illuminated by the insights of Risto Puhakka from TechInsights as he joins us to map out the semiconductor industry’s explosive growth, driven by the thunderous influence of AI. 

During our adventure through CES 2024, we bear witness to AI’s pervasive touch, from robotics and healthcare to the sizzling innovations in micro LED technology. Risto’s expert analysis doesn’t just skim the surface; it plunges into the economic, political, and competitive undercurrents that are redefining the semiconductor landscape.

Venture further into the conversation as we unravel AI’s sprawling web, extending its reach from agriculture to retail, and sculpting the semiconductor market’s future. We dissect the burgeoning world of spatial computing, and the surging demand for data streams, processor aptitude, and memory. 

Gaze into the crystal ball with us as we reflect on 2023’s rollercoaster ride – spotlighting industry bottlenecks and breakthroughs – and cast our predictions for 2024’s market climate. 

It’s not just a tech talk; it’s a strategic analysis of the global shifts, the CHIPS Act’s ripples, and how different nations are vying for supremacy in the AI arena. With Risto’s guidance, we’re decoding the blueprint of tomorrow’s semiconductor industry, where AI reigns supreme.

You can find this episode and more at this link:

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Advantest Concludes Successful SEMICON Japan 2023 with Record Attendance

Advantest displayed its latest products and solutions at SEMICON Japan 2023, held on December 13-15 at the Tokyo Big Sight. As a result of Japan’s efforts to bolster its domestic semiconductor industry, this year’s event saw a significant increase in attendance from 50,000 people last year to 85,000 people this year. Advantest’s booth saw a 50% increase in booth attendance compared to last year, with a steady flow of visitors including customers, government officials, media personnel, and financial experts. 

Unlike previous years, Advantest’s 2023 booth featured an application-centric display, highlighting major applications like High-Performance Computing (HPC), Automotive, and 5G. Our new application-based approach helped us to connect with visitors from diverse backgrounds and showcase the crucial role our test technology plays in developing the world’s most cutting-edge applications. Our display included new products, such as the HA1200, ATC 2.0, Pin Scale Multilevel Serial, and the T5230 memory test system, demonstrating how our extensive product portfolio enables global innovation.

As a gold sponsor, Advantest sponsored various aspects of this year’s event including the APCS (Advanced Packaging and Chiplet Summit), Smart Mobility pavilion, and SuperTHEATER where President Yoshida-san gave a compelling speech on how Advantest is enabling the future with semiconductor testing. Additionally, Senior Director, Test Strategist of SVC Marketing & Business Development Shinji Fujita presented, “Challenges in Testing Advanced Large-Scale SoC Devices” during the SEMI Technology Symposium (STS). 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of SEMICON Japan 2023! We look forward to next year’s event.

Smartphone and OTA sockets were displayed in IoT/5G corner, as well as QR & robotic arm demo


HA1200 in AI/HPC corner


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Advantest Launches Real-Time Data Infrastructure (RTDI™) Platform Driving the Next Generation of Semiconductor Test

At the end of last year, Advantest announced that its newly launched ACS Real-Time Data Infrastructure (RTDI™) has been accepted by multiple major data analytics companies as part of an industry-wide collaboration to accelerate data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) decision-making within a single, integrated platform.

Advantest formed ACS in 2020 with the mission of enabling an open solution ecosystem data platform. ACS RTDI is a real-time data infrastructure that securely collects, analyzes, stores and monitors semiconductor test data to empower customers to automate the process of converting insights into actionable test decisions within milliseconds. This helps customers and partners reduce test time, optimize quality and reliability and enhance smart packaging.

“Advantest’s ACS RTDI platform turbocharges decision-making on test floor, while freeing test engineers from the tedium of having to search for needles in data haystacks,” said G. Dan Hutcheson, vice chair and senior fellow, TechInsights. “It lowers test cost with real-time test vector optimization while lowering packaging cost by shifting left systematic final test failures to probe.”

The ACS RTDI platform integrates data sources across the entire IC manufacturing supply chain while employing low-latency edge computing and analytics in a secure True Zero Trust™ environment. This innovative infrastructure minimizes the need for human intervention, streamlining overall data utilization across multiple insertions and supporting customers’ databases. Because cyber security remains a top concern among customers, the ACS RTDI platform was architected to be reliable and safe, ensuring hassle-free OS revisions, which protects data from unauthorized access or loss by leveraging True Zero Trust. Overall, the new ACS ecosystem will enable customers to boost quality, yield, and operational efficiencies, and to accelerate product development and new product introductions for years to come.

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Advantest Expands Device Handler Offerings

In December, Advantest announced two new products designed to deliver advanced handling capabilities essential for the fast-growing artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) markets: the HA1200 die-level handler and the active thermal control (ATC) 2-kilowatt (kW) option for the M487x handler series. AI/HPC ICs require 2.5D/3D advanced packaging technologies to provide the high computing power necessary to generate, train and run data-intensive AI models. These ICs generate massive heat due to their high compute power, creating unique testing challenges. The new Advantest products are designed to address these challenges and help contribute to the AI/HPC market growth.

The HA1200 die-level handler for the V93000 SoC test system tests singulated and/or partially assembled die. While 2.5D/3D packages enable high computing power by enabling minimum pattern length between die, stacking die can increase the risk of mixing good and bad die, leading to yield loss. Yield loss at final test, especially for 2.5D/3D packaged ICs, can cause good die, substrates, or interposers to be discarded. Equipped with Advantest’s HPC-proven ATC technology, the HA1200 enables testing powerful, high-performance SoCs with 100% test coverage. This helps reduce yield loss at final test, thus reducing loss of final multi-die assembled product.

HA1200 Die-level Handler

The ATC 2kW solution for the M487x series (M4171, M4871ES and M4872) is designed to test AI/HPC IC packages at final test. The ATC 2kW solution features ultra-high-speed junction temperature (Tj) sensing and response technology to support high-performance ICs being tested at the set temperature and integrates Advantest’s unique force control technology to apply strong, stable, and safe contact to ICs with massive pin quantities. The ATC 2kW solution will support customers’ at-speed device test, enable safe 100% test coverage at final test while simultaneously increasing test quality and performance.

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Advantest Targets NAND Flash/NVM Market with New Group of Memory Test Products

In December, Advantest announced three new additions to its suite of memory test products. The new offerings are designed to target NAND Flash and non-volatile memory (NVM) devices, which face extreme pressure to bring down test costs and cost of ownership on the test floor. The new products include the T5230 memory wafer test solution; the STM32G third-generation protocol NAND system-level test module for the T5851 memory tester; and the T5835 high-speed wafer-sort interface option.

The T5230 memory test system for NAND/NVM devices adopts a combined array architecture to achieve best-in-class cost-of-test performance for wafer test, including wafer-level burn-in (WLBI) and built-in self-test (BIST). The system can perform on-wafer test of 1,024 memory devices per test head in parallel, delivering high productivity and enabling floor space savings of up to 86%. Multiple test cells are connected per system controller in the T5230, allowing independent wafer test of each test cell. The test cells can be stored in a general multi-wafer prober while minimizing the test cell floor space, and the tester can be docked with probers in both linear and multi-stack configurations. For functional tests at a maximum test rate of 125MHz/250Mbps, the T5230 assures high timing accuracy, repeatability, and failure detection capability.

T5230 Memory Test System

The T5851-STM32G module is designed to cover the latest generation of protocol NAND devices, including UFS4.0 and PCIe Gen 5 ball grid array (BGA) packaged devices for high-speed system-level NAND testing at up to 32Gbps. Fully upgradeable and compatible with existing T5851 systems, the new module delivers tester-per-DUT (device under test) performance and is qualified for high-volume manufacturing, qualification, reliability and characterization.

T5851 Memory Test System and T5851-STM32G

Created as an option for the proven T5835 multifunction memory test system, the new high-speed wafer-sort interface enables high-speed NAND Flash/NVM wafer probing (up to 5.4Gbps) with 4,096 full I/O channels. Raw NAND die inside solid-state drives (SSDs) require increasingly higher-speed functionality, necessitating evaluation and test of die performance at the wafer level, not just in package-level final test. The solution delivers high-speed probe interface with wafer-level evaluation of memory core test functionalities during engineering production, contributing to the T5835’s overall value by delivering wider test coverage.

T5835 Memory Test System


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