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Posted by on Jun 25, 2024 in Uncategorized |

Semiconductor Manufacturing and GlobalFoundries: How Essential Chips Drive Tech Innovations beyond 2024

Unlock the secrets behind GlobalFoundries’ ascent to semiconductor supremacy and find out how a colossal $1.5 billion boost from the U.S. CHIPS Act is setting the stage for technological innovation. Our guests, John Carulli, Ken Butler, and Shinji Hioki, join us from the frontlines of chip manufacturing to share their expertise on what it takes to be a pure-play foundry in today’s competitive market. 

In this vibrant episode we track the transformation of silicon wafer dreams into the tangible powerhouse chips that energize our daily devices, dissecting the interplay of design, production, and the crucial customer relationships that drive the industry forward.

Feel the pulse of the semiconductor world as we tackle the elephant in the room: the pressures of Moore’s law and the herculean task of safeguarding tech’s most sensitive data. This episode is a call to arms for more transparent collaborations between foundries, assembly, and test operations, with an eye on the future where open data flow might just be the magic ingredient for enhanced yield management and efficiency.

As we wrap up our journey, we turn our attention to the fertile minds of tomorrow’s tech leaders. We discuss how acts like the CHIPS Act and mainstream conversations about semiconductors are sparking interest among the youth, encouraging them to pursue careers in this electrifying field. Our conversation weaves through the importance of engaging storytelling in tech education, making semiconductor testing and assembly as thrilling as time travel adventures for the next generation. 

John Carulli holds seven U.S. patents. He has over 50 publications in the areas of reliability, test, and process development. He  serves on the organizing or program committees of several conferences, including the International Test Conference, VLSI Test Symposium, and European Test Symposium. 

Ken Butler is a Senior Director of Business Development in the Advantest Cloud Solutions (ACS) data analytics platform group at Advantest.  

Shinji Hioki joined Advantest ACS in 2022, focusing on developing the ACS business in Japan.