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Posted by on Jul 19, 2016 in Featured Products |

Wireless Data Logger Revolutionizes Automotive Industry Processes

Advantest’s new AirLogger WM1000 is the widely anticipated wireless data logger for commercial applications. Compliant with FCC regulations and certified under the Technical Regulations Conformity System of Japan, the WM1000 has diverse uses in the automobile industry and beyond, from R&D to the production floor.

The AirLogger’s sensor unit, which incorporates a thermocouple data processor, wirelessly sends temperature data to a PC for display and saving. It can measure temperatures at 100 points, and can also measure the temperatures of moving and rotating objects, such as wheels, which are difficult to measure with existing temperature loggers. These capabilities give the AirLogger a wide range of applications in diverse sectors. The AirLogger has been praised by early adopters as a revolutionary instrument that cuts thermocouple setting time by 80%, and enables previously impossible temperature measurements of moving wheels and brakes.

In the automotive industry, and many other manufacturing and R&D fields, temperature measurement and evaluation are normally performed with data loggers whose measurement units and data processing units are connected by cables. Set-up, measurement, and breakdown take a considerable length of time, impacting process efficiency. Additionally, in recent years, measurement targets have become smaller, creating a need for smaller sensor units and simultaneous multiple point measurement functionality. Advantest’s AirLogger series addresses all of these challenges with its revolutionary wireless solution for temperature logging.

Customers adopting the AirLogger have seen dramatic productivity gains, as they are freed from the constraints of working with data cables.


Key Features of the AirLogger:

  • Compact, Fully Wireless Design Dramatically Boosts Efficiency
    The AirLogger’s sensor units use button batteries for their power supplies and transmit temperature measurements wirelessly. The fully cable-free configuration enables dramatic productivity gains and enables easy temperature measurement for formerly difficult-to-measure targets such as revolving tires and other moving objects.
  • Real-Time Simultaneous Measurement of Temperatures at Multiple Points
    Temperatures at up to 100 separate points can be measured simultaneously, and measurements are processed in real time.
  • Fully Wireless Design Dramatically Boosts Efficiency

The AirLoggerTM’s sensor unit, which incorporates a thermocouple data processor, wirelessly sends temperature data to a PC for display and saving. The WM1000 dramatically boosts efficiency by freeing users from the constraints of working with data cables.

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