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Posted by on Sep 30, 2020 in Featured |

Advantest’s myAdvantest Online Portal Provides 24/7 Access to Digital Products and Web-Based Services

Advantest has introduced a new online portal enabling customers to place orders and get instant delivery of Advantest’s cloud-based services and software products, making these items available on demand, anytime and anywhere.  Users can access the myAdvantest portal from any internet-connected device without having to install an app or software program.

One of the portal’s initially available services is interactive online training.  Dojo™, the Advantest Online Training System, is a cloud-based eLearning service.  In addition to offering self-paced, interactive multimedia courses, Dojo also offers unlimited access to a virtual SmarTest Software Playground environment for practicing and executing lab simulation tests as well as live interactive sessions with Advantest experts to discuss, practice and demonstrate SmarTest’s capabilities on real V93000 testers.  This online training leverages the most modern eLearning methodologies to supplement traditional classroom training sessions and offer the unmatched flexibility of web-based courses.

In addition, cloud-based test engineering is available for the first time with the innovative Test Engineering Cloud (TE-Cloud™), a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that is accessible exclusively through myAdvantest.  With this one-stop test engineering platform, customers can utilize a complete test development environment online including an integrated set of software tools for test program development, standard test IP libraries and a suite of self-help tools such as customer forums, documentation and training.  Moreover, online interaction with Advantest technical support and application engineers is available on demand to help with tasks such as remote debugging of test programs. TE-Cloud’s pre-installed software bundles are scalable and offered as flexible subscription options.  

The myAdvantest portal makes it easy for Advantest’s customers to educate their personnel and develop test programs while also reducing their investments of time and capital to bring new device designs to market resources.  This launch represents a new era in how Advantest serves their global customer base.

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