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March 2021 Issue

New Advantest Podcast Coming Soon

Advantest is introducing a new “Advantest Talks Semi” podcast series hosted by Keith Schaub, vice president, Technology & Strategy.  The podcast will feature insightful talks on industry and technology trends, special guests, Advantest news, and more. Watch for the first episode coming in March!


ATE in the Age of Convergence and Exascale Computing

We are currently in the midst of the age of convergence – that is, the convergence of data from a range of applications and data sources. These sources constitute anything that creates data – ranging from human-created data, such as voice and video, through automotive, mobile, and wireless/IoT devices. This also includes edge computing and servers storing the massive amounts of data needed for high-performance computing (HPC), AI, machine learning and many other applications. Read More.

T2000 with Multiple Interface Unit Supports RF SiP OTA Test

In recent years, the proliferation of the IoT has focused attention on low-power-wireless applications. IoT modules incorporating functions such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transceivers, MCUs, and power-management circuitry are becoming system-in-package (SiP) and even one-chip devices. Such devices increase the demand for a mass-production test environment that can measure them in a short time. To meet this demand, we at Advantest have focused on combining conventional ATE test and system-level test (SLT). Read More.

Testing AIP Modules in High-Volume Production for 5G Applications-Part 2

This article is a follow-up to an article where we described options for high-volume over-the-air (OTA) testing of antenna-in-package (AIP) modules with automated test equipment (ATE). In this follow-up article we present measurement results for two OTA testing approaches: far-field and radiating near-field OTA. But before we go to the measurement results, we need to first define an AiP device under test (DUT) that can be used for the measurements. Read More.


Now that we are one full year into the pandemic, what change{s) in the way you do your job will be the “new normal” moving forward?

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Q&A Interview with Keith Schaub and Benjamin Lobmueller

Advantest’s Grand Design sets goals for how the company will grow its business and markets over the next decade by integrating its solutions throughout the semiconductor value chain. Its cloud strategy is a vital aspect of this vision. To learn more, we talked with Keith Schaub, Vice President of Technology and Strategy, Advantest America, and Benjamin Lobmueller, New Business Development Manager, Advantest Europe. Read More.


Advantest DC Scale XPS256 DPS Card Ramps to Production at Leading Semiconductor Manufacturers

Advantest announced that its DC Scale XPS256 Device Power Supply (DPS) card, developed for use with the V93000 EXA Scale™ SoC test system, is now ramping to production-volume test at leading makers of communications processors. Providing the industry’s first universal DPS pin capability, the XPS256 delivers high accuracy, performance and dynamic response for a variety of data-driven applications. Read More.

Advantest Debuts Two New Advantest Cloud Solutions to Boost Production Efficiencies for New IC Designs

Advantest Corporation, working with its partner PDF Solutions Inc., has introduced two new innovative cloud-based software solutions: the ACS Dynamic Parametric Test (DPT) system powered by PDF Exensio® DPT, and an edge high performance compute (HPC) system. These solutions are part of the newly introduced Advantest Cloud Solutions™ (ACS), an ecosystem of cloud-based products and services. At the core of this ecosystem is the data- and analytics-focused platform, Advantest Cloud powered by PDF Exensio, which Advantest is co-developing with PDF Solutions. Read More.

Advantest Offers Two New General-Purpose Hardware Units Compatible with T2000 Air-Cooled Test Platform

Advantest has introduced two new general-purpose hardware instruments – the 500MDM digital module and the DPS32A power supply module – to boost the capabilities of its T2000 test platform for a variety of applications such as system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices, power-management ICs, automotive devices and CMOS image sensors for the growing digital transformation market. Both new hardware units can be retrofitted onto existing test systems, such as the T2000 AiR platform whose compact design is ideal for use in environments ranging from engineering labs to volume manufacturing. Read More.


Advantest Upholds Industry Commitment at Virtual Flash Memory Summit 2020

Like most industry conferences this year, Flash Memory Summit 2020 went virtual for the first time on November 10-12, 2020, giving Advantest the opportunity to demonstrate its support of the storage and memory test industry. Advantest’s product showcase theme, End-to-End Flash and SSD Test Solutions, was reinforced by its virtual exhibit featuring cutting-edge MPT3000ARC and memory testers. Read More.

Advantest’s Virtual Presence at SEMICON Japan 2020 Demonstrates Continued Industry Leadership and Commitment

For the first time in 50 years, SEMICON Japan 2020 commenced as a virtual trade show event, owing to concerns related to COVID-19. This online event, which took place from December 11-18, captured a global audience and provided a safe venue for innovative leaders to demonstrate their technology excellence and thought leadership in the semiconductor industry. Read More.

A Diverse Approach to Advantest’s 2020 Technical Seminar Series Yields Success

Advantest’s annual 2020 Technical Seminar series took on many forms: in-person, virtual and hybrid. Despite ongoing COVID-19 challenges, Advantest regions took strategic measures to cross-collaborate and organize successful customer events across the globe. Advantest’s 2020 Taiwan Technical Seminar commenced for the first time as a hybrid event, setting an all-time customer attendance record with nearly 70 companies represented. Attendees had the opportunity to listen in on technical presentations from both live and remote presenters and participate in games and a lucky draw for prizes such as a Nintendo Switch. In-person attendees interacted with Advantest’s kiosks and took photos with event signage. Read More.  


Advantest’s VOICE 2021 Developer Conference Goes Virtual on June 21-23

The Advantest VOICE 2021 Developer Conference will commence as a virtual event on June 21-23 under the unifying theme “Converging Technologies. Creating Possibilities.” With eight technology tracks and a line-up of thought-provoking speakers, Virtual VOICE will continue to offer insightful learning opportunities through its technical presentations, kiosk showcases and Partners’ Expo. Attendees can further enhance their Virtual VOICE experience by attending Workshop Day on June 24 with three sessions covering exascale high performance computing, edge computation, and 5G/mmWave. Read More.




Shanghai, China, March 17-19, 2021


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