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November 2023 Issue


True Zero Trust Combats IC Manufacturing Security Challenges

The semiconductor manufacturing industry is facing a host of unprecedented technology and security challenges. A common catchphrase these days is that “data is the new oil.” Data is everywhere, in everything we do, and there is both good and bad associated with this trend. Data everywhere creates new security issues that need to be addressed to protect the integrity of your information and your devices. Advantest has done this through a new infrastructure setup that enables a True Zero Trust environment on the fab test floor – in turn, allowing us to truly embrace AI without having to fear security repercussions.  Read More.

Scalable Platform Meets the Test Challenges of Ultra-Wideband Chipsets

Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, as defined by IEEE 802.15.4 and 802.15.4z standards, enables short-range, low-power RF location-based services and wireless communication. A variety of devices have reached the market to help implement UWB capability, but these devices present significant test challenges related to the high RF frequencies at which UWB operates, the ultrawide bandwidths of UWB’s multiple channels, and the technology’s complex modulation schemes. An effective test platform requires flexibility and scalability to handle the frequencies and bandwidths involved, as well as the compute power to effectively analyze the test results.  Read More.

Deploying Cutting-Edge Adaptive Test Analytics Apps: Innovation Based on a Closed-Loop Real-Time Edge Analytics and Control Process Flow into the Test Cell

Semiconductor test challenges abound in this era of AI. As such, semiconductor test engineering is increasingly moving towards fully adaptive test where each device receives the “right” test content to assess its correctness. Advantest and Synopsys have partnered to provide new cutting-edge real-time adaptive test applications at the test cell based on complete closed-loop analytics and control process flow. Our solution leverages a high-performance, highly secure real-time data infrastructure combined with advanced analytics derived from a comprehensive silicon lifecycle management (SLM) platform. Read More.


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Test Needs and Solutions for High-End SoCs – Q&A Interview with Ralf Stoffels

High-performance computing (HPC) is a major driver for the SoC test market, in which Advantest holds a dominant share. Sustaining and extending this leadership requires capitalizing on the company’s already strong portfolio by pursuing new strategies. Our staff spoke with Ralf Stoffels, Advantest Executive Officer and V93000 Division Manager, who expanded on key points from a presentation given to Advantest investors in December 2022.  Read More.


Advantest Rolls Out Thermal Control Products for MPT3000 Solid-State Drive Test Platform

In August, Advantest announced two new additions to its MPT3000 solid-state drive (SSD) test platform. The Independent Thermal Control (ITC) device interface boards (DIBs) and Engineering Thermal Chamber (ETC) target early engineering adoption of the MPT3000 by enabling efficient, small-batch engineering, quality assurance and early test development for SSD devices. Read More.

Advantest Receives PCI Express® Gen 5 Certification for MPT3000 Solid-State Drive Test Systems

Advantest announced in September that its MPT3000 solid-state drive (SSD) test system has become the world’s first SSD production tester to be certified by PCI-SIG® for high-speed compliance testing of PCI Express® (PCIe®) fifth-generation (Gen 5 or 5.0) devices. Advantest completed the rigorous testing process and was awarded certification in August 2023. Read More.

Advantest Expands M4841 Handler with Active Thermal Control for Faster Device Throughput and Test Times

Advantest announced a new Active Thermal Control (ATC) option for its M4841 high-volume device handler in October. ATC 2.0 provides dynamic regulation of temperature fluctuations caused by automotive semiconductors self-heating during test, helping to ensure more accurate production test of up to 16 advanced systems-on-chip (SoCs) in parallel with higher throughput and shorter test times. Read More.


Advantest Concludes Successful SEMICON West 2023 with Exceptional Booth Attendance

Advantest participated in SEMICON West 2023 on July 11-13 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, which had a vast increase in overall attendance. There was a significant increase in foot traffic at Advantest’s booth as well, doubling the visitor count of last year. Advantest employees hosted many key customers and media outlets at the booth, showcasing our latest leading-edge test solutions.  Read More.


Advantest Talks Semi: The Revolutions and Repercussions of the Semiconductor Industry (Podcast Season 2, Episode 10)

In this episode of Advantest Talks Semi we demystify the complex interplay of semiconductors and the automotive sector. Buckle up as we navigate this intricate landscape with Malcolm Penn, the CEO of Future Horizons.  From deep-diving into the cyclical nature of the semiconductor industry to early signs of industry recovery, Malcolm illuminates the market’s recent movements. He spotlights the explosive growth of China’s EV market and its strategic grip on the low-end market – a move that’s not to be underestimated by the established auto industries globally.   Read More.


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